Boston Actor Headshots: Matt

This chocolate milk fanatic just spent part of his Summer studying acting at Penn State and is by far the youngest “Theater Savant”  I have ever had the pleasure to meet. When I asked him what he would do if he couldn’t see a show for a month he replied…”read plays!” A mere senior in high school, Matt has seen already seen 72 Broadway shows and there is no end in sight.  His enthusiasm for Musical Theater is intoxicating and brought me such joy.  Mind you he is also not just going to see the stars; at times he specifically goes to see the understudy. (Personally, I would prefer Broadway legend Donna Murphy in Hello Dolly over Bette Midler as well ) His third or fourth (who can keep track) trip to see Evan Hansen is already purchased for March, regardless of who replaces Ben Platt!  I wouldn’t be surprised if on one of his trips they just ask him to join the company.

Disclaimer: Apologies for alienating readers who do not speak “Musical Theater.”  You should, though…it’s awesome.

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