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Taking portraits of fun people is one of the many things I am afforded the pleasure of doing in this life. I take seriously the responsibility and trust placed in me when clients ask me to be there for what is important in their lives. [weddings, gathering of loved ones, portraits of their quickly growing family..etc.] Without altering my innate style, I strive for my work to be an honest reflection not only of the moment, but of the individuality each client brings to their session. I especially love this in my High School Seniors.  On the other hand, Newborns are kind of selfish and make their parents do everything for them!

In addition to taking great photos, I am a self proclaimed home decor/closet organizer/renovation DIYer and shamelessly beg friends to permit me to “help” redo their spaces. I then ultimately take over and have fun spending their money and making their homes a truer reflection of them than before. I guess there is a theme in my life of wanting people to be themselves and show it off! 

After six years in Cambridge, MA I recently moved mere miles from it and am still not fully recovered. However, the upside is finally living with my love who makes life much sweeter every day and very much worth the change of zip code.